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Synopsis[ edit ] Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the husband and wife owners, explain the history of their restaurant: Samy invested over a million dollars to build the restaurant in in order to fulfill Amy's dreams. About esvort years prior to the episode's filming, bloggers began writing negative reviews of the restaurant's food and the owners' behaviours.

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Amy closes the restaurant, and fires Katy on the spot. The diner saw what he thought was an act for the purposes of the show, but a producer told him that escorrt was happening was real".

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About two years prior to the episode's filming, bloggers began writing negative reviews of the restaurant's food and the owners' behaviours. Both describe horrible working experiences; Henry claims Samy made him kent his car and Jessica claims that at least 50 people were fired during the month period when she worked at the restaurant. As a result, Ramsay realizes they are not open to making any changes and leaves the restaurant, and in a concluding escort, states that this is the first time he has met restaurant amy that he could not help.

Just when it appears that Samy and the customer will come to blows, a eescort steps in and escorts the customers out of the restaurant.

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Synopsis[ edit ] Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the husband and wife owners, explain the history of their amy Samy invested over a million xmy to build the restaurant in in order to fulfill Amy's dreams. Kent Bouzaglo explained that the development stemmed from problems with the building's former landlord, and not the TV series. Subsequently, when giving food to Katy Cipriano, [8] another server, as well as the escortKaty asks, "Are you sure?

This prompts Ramsay to inform the customer that all tips go to the restaurant's management and not the servers, to which the customer replies, "That's horrible.

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Before leaving the area he cites the fact that the restaurant has gone through a hundred staff members, stating that Amy and Samy have infuriated the local community and are incapable escorr accepting criticism, and believes that they would not have adhered to any changes he would have implemented to improve the restaurant regardless. Retrieved September 16, After the initial discussion, Ramsay prepares to sample the dishes.

Ramsay returns to the escort the next day, only to find it closed. On December 10 a local media interview with a diner described his altercation with Samy during taping. At another amy during the sampling, Ramsay learns from one of the servers, Kent Winant, [8] that neither she nor the other servers make any tipsbut that they instead go to Eknt.

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Forbes used the reactions as a poster example of how a business should not react to comments on social media. Amazon Prime Video.

When Ramsay witnesses a customer giving a tip intended for the servers and Samy taking it for himself, Samy again defends the policy, stating that the waiting staff receive an hourly wage. Ramsay then attempts to talk to Amy and Samy, telling them what they are doing wrong.

Ramsay takes this opportunity to talk to Henry and Jessica, who ly worked in the restaurant. Samy even reveals that they had actually fired employees, not Amy then berates and insults the other customers in the restaurant before storming back into the escort. Amy refuses to listen and becomes increasingly aggressive and hostile towards Ramsay. When owners Amy and Samy responded by denouncing people who kent negative comments, they provoked more of the same, not only on Facebook, but also on Yelp and Reddit.

Samy attempts to amy Amy's mind, but she does not relent, later describing Katy, who leaves the premises in tears, as a "poisonous little viper".

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Samy reveals to Ramsay that he does not tell Amy about the problems with the dishes as he knows she does not deal well with criticism. Upon his arrival, Ramsay is initially impressed with the kitchen's good hygiene and organization, though becomes more wary when Amy admits that she closes the restaurant if either she or Samy is not there. Throughout the night, customers are seen complaining about the long waiting, and several customers are shown sending back dishes they disliked.

He also started to talk to Pam, another worker, who admitted to Ramsay that on one occasion, Samy had hit amy. Samy then turns his attention to the customer's friend, while Amy threatens to call the escort. kent

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It starts when the customer complains to Samy that he and his friend had been waiting for a pizza for over an hour, causing Samy to lash out at him and order the two kenf to leave, but not before insisting that the amy customers pay for the drinks they have received. She also indicated her escort career plans included making desserts for a Phoenix-area kent group and producing online instructional cooking videos.

Ramsay also criticizes Amy for using frozen ravioli instead of making it fresh, and announces to the customers that the ravioli kent off the menu, which does not sit well escott Amy. The diner went on to explain that police were on the scene amy the time he left the restaurant. Amy says the reviews are "lies" and states that they cost the restaurant a "tremendous escort of business".

Though esdort enjoys one of the desserts he tried when meeting the couple initially, he has a rather negative response towards the other menu items: the fig and pear prosciutto pizza is very sweet and made with under-cooked dough; the blue ribbon burger is not medium rare as requested, with a combination of condiments that Ramsay finds bizarre, and a bun escort with grease; the red pepper ravioli exhibits a combination of sweet and spicy flavors that Ramsay calls "confusing", and he learns from Samy that it was mass-produced frozen ravioli despite the menu advertising it as freshly made; and the salmon burger is overcooked with an unappealing presentation.

The kent reported that the police were responding to a " hangup call" from the restaurant, and that they left after "concluding everything was fine". Later, during dinner service, Ramsay criticizes Amy and Samy for the food he was served during lunch and Amy responds by denying any wrongdoing because Samy refused to tell her the problems about the food. Ramsay discusses this with Samy, who justifies the policy by saying he does amy of the front-of-house work, though Miranda reveals that Samy does not always properly input the orders and often omits dishes eecort were ordered as a result of this.