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Central african republic eyes looking for fun

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Central african republic eyes looking for fun

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It came flying through the air towards him, hit the speakers and bounced.

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Ngallos believes this whole experience was part of his fate.

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That day, I cried so much. That's what saved me. On a hot, sunny Thursday a week after the grenade attack, the horror seemed far away. lpoking Central African Republic profile Although Ngallos was too weak to play, as he was still using crutches just a few days after leaving hospital, he could not resist going along to watch.

Making the central african republic’s latest peace agreement stick | crisis group

The trauma is something Ngallos is trying to come to terms with. To pass the slow, painful hours in between surgery he began dreaming up songs with messages about peace. It came flying through the air towards him, hit the speakers and bounced.

Band leader Ozaguin, one of the country's most popular musicians, was making a rare appearance in the volatile PK5 neighbourhood, notorious for numerous outbreaks of inter-religious violence between militia groups. The air had been thick with anticipation. Muslims and Christians from different neighbourhoods had been dancing together in the bar, centrl rare sight.

The streets bustled with market stalls, motorcycle taxis and pedestrians again. But these visits just made him angry. Ngallos' band members prepared to go on stage for the first time since the attack.

Ascend west and central africa | programmes | sightsavers

God knew something like this would happen and I would experience a africwn. The plastic chairs were broken. It is still not clear who was behind the grenade attack but rumours spread like wildfire, triggering reprisal attacks. Ngallos was lucky to survive the explosion, which killed four people and injured more than 20 others.

I was hurt, but alive. A UN-backed initiative to bring rival communities together - each performance has taken place under the watchful eye of by peacekeepers.

Central african republic concert attack: grenade survivor sings for peace

Whispering africsn to himself, he would improvise lyrics as he went along. When I turned around, I saw everyone was on the ground. Like many Central Africans, Ngallos blames the authorities for letting the conflict drag on. Translated from the original Sango, the lyrics include: "I gathered my musicians and we went to play. There was a good vibe, the people there could really dance.

Find out more about CAR:. That day there was a party atmosphere in central Bangui where people gathered for a beer festival, talking and drinking.

Ngallos, meanwhile, lay in his hospital bed consumed with horror by the unfolding events. I thought the fuse box had blown.

We'd rather be martyrs for peace in the Central African Republic than stop," he adds. I thought, it is my fault that the people there were injured and lost their lives.