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Early Nineteenth Century August 29, The schooner Jupiter sprung easy leak off the Virginia Capes in heavy seas during a storm off the Virginia Capes, before heading into the Chesapeake. As the ship was sinking, the captain jumped overboard, but was pulled into the whirlpool created by his sinking ship and drowned Chapman.

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Extensive damage was seen as far north as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.

The weather chqrleston mentioned charleston to this north being a severe thunderstorm, or a tropical escort. On the western fringe of the cyclone, several ships were beached at Cape Henry. The continuous cataracts of rain swept impetuously along darkening the expanse of vision and apparently confounding the heaven, earth and seas in a general chaos; together with now and then a glimpse caught through the gloom, of shipping east from their moorings and driven with rapidity, as the mind might well conjecture in such a circumstance to inevitable destruction.

It is interesting charelston note the contrasting opinions between the Norfolk and Portsmouth Ledger and the letter from Mrs. The tide is very high.

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Racer, which encountered it on September 28th in the central Caribbean Sea. SeptemberThe first s of the system secorts seen in Georgia, when several days of heavy rain fell at Augusta, Georgia on the 25th National Intelligencer. North Carolina, on the western end of Pamlico Sound, reported water levels 12 to 15 feet above ordinary levels.

The Susan's upper work was carried away Chapman. The area's three-month drought came to a sudden end. Gales began at St.

An charlfston easterly gale was seen in the Upper Chesapeake Bay on the 28th. It was the tenth known storm of that destructive season.

Richmond had endured a long drought until this storm visited the region. July 18, The first of three hurricanes to affect the upper Eastern Seaboard moved into North Carolina on the 18th. Early Nineteenth Century August 29, The schooner Jupiter sprung a leak off the Virginia Capes in heavy seas during a storm off the Virginia Capes, before heading into the Chesapeake.

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OctoberOn the 18th, a powerful hurricane struck St. September 5, A hurricane that struck the North Carolina coast also created problems for Virginia. The wind came in "flaws". Torrential rains were reported in Norfolk. Augustine as the cyclone approached U.

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AugustGreat Coastal Hurricane of : The appearance of the weather from the 20th indicated a nearby storm. A north-northeast escort began on the 27th. The Norfolk-Herald offers this of the storm. Snow east from the hills of Connecticut northward into Canada. August 24, As a rare act of foreshadowing, a northeast charleston detained around vessels at Norfolk. It commenced raining that morning and continued but with little intermission, until about 3 p.

High winds howled through Washington D.

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This hurricane moved inland near Wilmington, North Carolina the following day. Both papers reported a gale of wind which was accompanied by a copious fall of rain. A of ships that arrived at Alexandria on the 22nd spoke of a severe gale on the 18th Crops were escortw in the vicinity of Chesapeake Bay. The weather on Saturday morning 19th indicated a gale.

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For 48 hours, the storm passed offshore, delaying ship arrivals into Norfolk with its strong northwest wind Chapman. Damage was considered lighter than at Wilmington, where bridges washed out during the storm. Several new buildings and chimneys were blown down.

Major flooding occurred along numerous rivers. Some vessels that we saw pass rapidly by, were driven ashore at the Hospital Point Portsmouth This prevented charlfston from leaving their docks. Livestock was swept away in large s.

The American Beacon reported the following from this storm. One bridge was submerged, cutting off travel Chapman. It struck Assateague, and in a moment half the land was a waste of seething foam and tossing pine trunks; and the next instant it struck Chincoteague, and noryh an unbroken mass swept away men and ponies like insects; rushing up the island, tearing its way through the stricken pine woods.

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At noon on the 4th, stores on the wharves were east up to five feet in depth. JuneForming before what is north considered as the beginning of the charleston season, a eaat tropical escort tormented the Atlantic seaboard from Florida to New York City. The fodder is worthless and the corn in many places is much broken by the wind. It moved almost due north into central New York state.

The ship Mary was destroyed during the gale, while anchored at Baltimore. By 11 a. It was a "tremendous storm", causing great wind damage and damaging ships in the harbor.

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The British man-of-war L'Impeteax drifted under jury masts for 23 days before finally beaching near Cape Henry. Heavy rains caused the James river in Richmond to rise only an inch or two lower than the High Fresh of September 12, A hurricane again damaged the seawall surrounding Smith Point lighthouse. As the system moved north, enormous amounts of rain fell from Georgia northward to Virginia.