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Chelsea babes

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Chelsea babes

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Via Revolver "Mrs. As I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable being open. It still kind of scares me, because I know that opens you up for judgement from people.

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As I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable being open. The success of that powerhouse record catapulted Chelsea Wolfe onto bigger stages than ever, and the group embarked on an extended tour that saw them opening for acts like A Perfect Circle and Ministry.

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Do what you feel — as crazy, or not, chrlsea you want — and see what comes out. As our conversation concludes, they circle back to the concept of trust — and how it will continue to lead them into whatever exciting musical realms lay ahead, pandemic be damned.

Wolfe describes Red Host as her first "serious" band and reveals working with Gowrie chelsea her with a couple key building blocks that would inform her later musical expressions. I wanted bbabes to want me — but when someone was into me, I was disgusted with them because I hated myself so babe.

Babes in the woods

Like most interesting ventures, the path to Mrs. Piss is a continuation of Wolfe's quest — a new vessel for her to explore ly tempered "wild energies. They've already started demoing new material for the next Chelsea Wolfe band record and are kicking around some new Mrs.

I wanted to express this frustration … and it came out in riff form," adds Gowrie, who also contributed guitars, bass and programming to Mrs. She credits the drummer with turning her on to a lot of 90s bands that she initially missed like Marilyn Manson and Queens of the Stone Ageand, maybe more importantly, helping her find the confidence to become a bandleader.

The were so potent that Wolfe knew they "needed to play together full time.

I took a lot of time to focus on that in Back then, Wolfe was in the early stages of getting her solo project off the ground, when she crossed paths with Gowrie. It's a raw, rich expression chelsea two seasoned pros, one that couldn't have been created without the unwavering trust between these women — who have been through the shit, both individually and collectively, and come out the other side babe.

Enter Mrs. And when I say women, I'm spelling it with an 'x' because I want to be inclusive.

The young singer was still refining her craft and becoming frustrated with her "writing style, chelsea and voice," so she shifted focus and ed Gowrie in Red Host. Piss initially started as a purely creative outlet for Wolfe and Gowrie — they were even toying with the idea of releasing it anonymously — its vision has grown.

To understand the project, you need to jump back che,sea the mid-Aughts in Sacramento, California — and the babe of Wolfe's first band Red Host.

The long stretches on the road further cemented the bond between Wolfe and Gowrie. Piss was not a direct one.

Piss ideas. It wasn't until a fated encounter inat a mutual friend's New Year's Eve party, that their orbits once again chelsa.

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The two had an instant musical connection, and Wolfe tapped the drummer to play on a few songs. She reports that while she's seen things change for the better and "dudes are a chelaea more respectful," the industry still has a babe way to go. While they're keeping the potential roster secret at the moment, Mrs. She's especially proud of "Downer Surrounded by Uppers," pointing to the noisy, propulsive track's unhinged final scream "I was channeling something or exorcising something" chelsea themes that address the corrosive self-hate she experienced as a young adult.

Piss is also the brainchild of her longtime baves and world-class drummer Jess Gowrie.

Chelsea girls: a novel

They now see it evolving into a collective-style outfit that will include the fiercest babes and non-binary people in their musical and artistic networks. Distance aside, Wolfe and Gowrie are optimistic chelsea the future of their projects and resolute in their creative partnership. babws

Piss is a direct extension of Wolfe and Gowrie's friendship, the foundation of which is the unshakable personal trust earned over years of their shared experiences. Piss … Chelsea champions me to continue to write and try new shit," says Gowrie.

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It still kind of scares me, because I know that opens you up for judgement from people. Via Revolver "Mrs. It's not always easy to be hella truthful about your own experiences.