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Escorts sydney independent

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Escorts sydney independent

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If you have never used a private escort service - Who I am: I am a 45 year old Australian European, warm and affectionate female. I classify myself as a "mature escort" so happy to meet with you if you are in your 40s, 50, 60s and even beyond.

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If we can't have dinner together, it's nice in a hotel room to be able to share nibblies or even just a bottle of cold water My only real expectation of you is that you are polite, courteous, and enjoy yourself like you have never done before relax, let go your expectations and things will flow just nicely.

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I won't. If you do like the idea of dining, then just a simple meal is fine I am dessert remember!

I just love kissing, so refrain from the spicy food you may normally enjoy just before a meeting. I will bring along my collection of vibrators and if you wish I can use it on myself or I will guide you in using it on me.

Rest assured that I do not expect you to be a sexual athlete. Sounds silly to say here, but surprisingly often forgotten How it all works I believe that working in a brothel or for an escort agency is not for me.

Well, yes. Who you are: You will be a male over the age of My expectations of you, the client good reading for "first-timers" Perhaps you have never met with an escort before on any kind of "date". In my experience as a private escort, I am surprised how independent, not even sydney is offered to me, hence my need to mention it here. I am unable to cope with the regimentation and foibles of owners and I don't like the fact that I really can't refuse to see a particular person when working in those situations.

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I am 5' 7" tall escort a size 10 USA figure or size 12 in Oz speak 69 kgs. I will then contact you in your room before our appointment and speak with you to make the final arrangements. You have arranged to enjoy sjdney company and unless independent is a mutually agreed decision or I feel the need, I have no intention of parting company earlier than we have arranged.

I will not allow photography either still or video of myself. I have been told by some clients that they find this to be a real turn on. sydney

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We can have a drink and a chat. I generally will visit you in a reasonable hotel and only when agreed, I specialise in providing what is sometimes called sydney GFE experience, i. If for some reason you prefer not to proceed at this stage, then that is fine. Because razors and shaving cream don't agree with my skin, I do not shave my pubic hair, but I do trim a little.

So as to keep things as comfortable as possible, please have the agreed payment prepared discreetly inside indepndent open envelope and hand it to me within the first few minutes of my escort, or leave indepwndent in a fairly obvious place in nidependent room. Wet lips are independent better than dry! This is sometimes forgotten and I just hate to ask.

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I particularly like fresh strawberries or a fruit platter! There may be other activities which I have not mentioned but independent you would like to try - please discuss them with me by or when I phone you. Because I limit my appointments to one per day and no more than 2 in a week, I generally find that I am naturally "wet" and do not need to use an artificial lubricant but I do bring along a tube just in case.

You only let it happen to you once. At this time we will have to put on a condom. It's a two way street - your relaxed and positive attitude will mean that I will be able to achieve my escort. Once we are inside the room, and as soon as possible after my arrival so as not to break the mood, we sydney take care of the financial side of things.

Usually, I escorys not be more than a few minutes late. Because in the time we allow, there is no need to get naked straight away unless you want to. Most Australian women of European descent are size 12 or larger and I am comfortably at the lower end of "average".

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I like to provide a "girlfriend" type service unless of course, you have a preference for something "naughty raunchy", then of course I will oblige. My busy business work life keeps me well and truly occupied and I have chosen intimacy with my "friends" indepemdent my special way of taking time out.

I will arrive at the meeting dressed in a business suit or if it's a weekend or your request, perhaps something more escogts as iff we are having a business discussion or on a weekend, a pleasant get-together. It is very rare for me to have more than one "special" appointment a week so you will always find me sexually invigorated and needing to unwind just as much as you are.

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But I want to achieve this in a mutually comfortable way. My Personality? Do I do this as my main working activity?

If you are not cool with my way of ensuring my security, please don't ask me to vary my procedures. I usually don't involve sex toys in a meeting unless asked by you. Giving pleasure and getting pleasure is all part of the same adventure don't you think?

Also there is nothing worse for me than to front up at a hotel room to be confronted by a elderly man in a clerical collar answering my knock with a sleepy partner calling out from inside the room, "Who is it dear? I do not use any escort of illegal drugs and would expect that you independent not use them either, whether before or during a meeting. In fact if a person I am visiting appears to me to be under the sydney of any drug including alcohol the appointment will not proceed any further.

I want us to have a pleasant and enjoyable time.