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Knapps model of relational development

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Knapps model of relational development

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Relational Development Relational Development Researchers have studied relationships to understand how they develop.

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There is usually a turning point that happens in this stage that als a change in the relationship, making the relationship intimate.

Knapp’s relational development model | interpersonal communication

Skipping steps is risky due to potentially losing information that would have been provided in the skipped step. In this stage, certain behaviors, such as increasing one-on-one contact through more frequent communication through face to face encounters, text, or phone callsdoing favors for a partner or kbapps gifts as tokens of affection, requesting commitment from a partner through direct definitional bid, personalized verbal expressions of affection such as "I love you" or asing pet names such as " babe ," and suggestive actions such as flirtationgazingor touching, may all emerge as methods of intensifying the connection between the two people.

Communication in this stage is marked by distance an attempt to put psychological and physical barriers between partners and disassociation messages that prepare one or both parties for their life without the other. This stage often involves marriage or another type of public contractthough marriage is not necessary to successfully bond.

Men and women see romantic relationships differently and have different goals when pursuing relationships. In this model, this step is unavoidable and relationships can terminate at any time. Facebook, for example, allows one to find out details about someone you are interested in without even having to have a conversation.

Knapp’s relationship model

Human Communication Research, 11, — Individuals will engage in imagined interactions to predict a conversation with their partner. Cognitive Cues At the deepest level, we make judgments about people based on their personality and the degree to which we think it will match ours. Essential to moddel intensifying stage are "secret tests" [6] performed by deelopment individual to ascertain whether his or her overtures are actually helpful in their intensification efforts.

They tend to avoid certain topics of discussion.

While most relationships are initiated off-line, the participants often turn to Facebook to communicate. Termination can occur due to physical separation, growing socially or psychologically apart, or the death of one of the partners. Messages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills. Other verbal and nonverbal manifestations of the integration include the couple seeing their relationship as special or unique in some way, the exchange of " trophies " for the other to wear or display, and potentially similarities in manner, dressand verbal behavior can be seen.

Knapp's relational development model -

Circumscribing Communication between the couple diminishes during this stage. Because of the relattional of intimacy involved when using SNS this method is often preferred over phone calls.

Knapp's Relationship Develop,ent Model Initiation This stage is very short, sometimes as short as seconds. Termination of the relationship can occur positively or negatively.

Sequencing makes forecasting adjacent stages easier. Journal of Reelational and Personal Relationships, 19, — Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships 7th ed. Communication is limited to safe topics. No longer are they both receiving a mutually satisfying outcome from being with one another. Dan Neither one of them is happy and the relationship must come to an end.

Relational development

In the virtual world you can be whoever you want to be and withhold information such as real knappw and where you are from. Integrating The individuals become a pair in the integrating stage.

Partners can go through the same stages more than once, but they can never truly go back to "the way things were. Knapp's model works well to describe many types of relationships: romantic couples, friends, busines partners, roommates, etc. At this stage, attempts can be made to discuss the relationship and return it to a positive state.

These tests most often manifest themselves through: Endurance, in which a partner is placed in an unpleasant, inconvenient, or uncomfortable relwtional or respond to certain requests to determine his or her commitment to the relationship. Social Media Networks allows us to broadcast and share information about out relationships much more quickly and to a much broader audience.

Reaching this stage does not guarantee that the relationship will remain bonded, though many intimate relationships will remain in this stage until divorcedeathor another type of separation. The relationship may continue to dissolve, or this stage may be devekopment warning that the couple needs to address their relationship status.

This immediate information can influence how quickly a relationship is formed. In other words, given our sociological location, there are some people we see a lot of and others we never meet. During this stage, differences between the development partners are emphasized and what was model to be similarities begins to disintegrate.

A common solution to differentiating is for each partner to give the other some space, though extreme differentiating can lead to a damaged knapps. This relational is marked by less total communication in terms of of interactions, depth and breadth of topics discussed, and communication occurs in shorter durations.