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Looking for bedford bro good times

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Review titled Great hospital Rated 5 stars out of 5 by Rachelle - Posted on 07 November Had to bdo in for myself. Was seen quickly, efficiently. Offered pain relief. Top service staff. They work so hard and are very friendly and polite.

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What I dont bdford is why it can't introduce a limited and staggered visiting regime incorporating the 90 minute test so only people who test negative are allowed to visit still with ppe and time limits applying. Please try to take just 2 mins to reassure those of us that are left In isolation scared and worried.

Please do however consider the well-being of family who are left isolated, feeling helpless and worried.

I know the hospital has and uses a 90 minute test available obviously and primarily to reduce risk of covid19 infection. I thought our treatment, both medically and parochially, was excellent Visited Accident and emergency services on October Bedford Hospital South Wing has not yet replied. You all do such a great job but we are all human! Visited September I welcome any thoughts or comments.

The staff are hardworking but always made time for a smile. I did not feel rushed during my appointment.

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The care I received was fantastic from the surgeons to the nurses. Review titled Fantastic staff Rated 5 stars out of 5 by Anonymous - Posted on 15 September All staff members were fantastic, they were thorough, caring and competent in their roles. Top service staff. I appreciate staff are tired, over worked and under immense pressure.

Rushed off their feet but still providing a top class service! I am happy with the care I received, and my questions were answered after having many tests run. Everyone knows the adverse effects that covid19 and restrictions are having on peoples physical and mental health and having visits is a basic human need.

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Was seen quickly, efficiently. Review titled Great hospital Rated 5 stars out of 5 by Rachelle - Posted on 07 November Had to bedforf in for myself. Everyone was so kind and took the time to explain everything to me. Thanks so much for you care and treatment during my stay Visited Accident food emergency services on November Bedford Hospital South Wing has not yet replied. I'm as healthy as a butcher's dog and glad to be so, I just have some pesky neck muscles to sort out.

My husband was not able to answer his phone and it was a very distressing experience. The nurses were very friendly and the care I received from gor made me feel safe and less stressed in what was a scary time for me. I tried to call the Howard Ward for an update to be told I should call the patient. They work so hard and are very friendly and polite.

We cannot just rely on having a vaccine and we have to live with covid19 and constantly review risks, but if the scientific technology is available for accurate test it should should be used in an attempt to normalise any and all aspects of daily life including using the NHS and knowing bood that given time the risk of covid19 infection is greatly reduced.

The team also made sure my wife was kept informed throughout the investigative fog. Offered pain relief.

I really cannot praise them enough. After several tests and a scan I was admitted to orchard gynaecology ward with acute appendicitis. The various call takers were polite but abrupt and lacking in any compassion. I have a medical background and I could see the differential diagnosis process unfold as we went bedfor.