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Looking for my peanut butter lol

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Looking for my peanut butter lol

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I like chunky too but others in my home don't so I just buy creamy. I love them both too much love Jif I just loo,ing the way it sounds when you chew! I only eat Skippy.

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Jiff Peanut Butter either crunchy or creamy The creamy type is more versatile when making cookies, etc.

The solid shortening used to prevent separation is and gross. We wonder if it is because we grew up eating creamy, as chunky was not an option back then, so we fed our children chunky and they prefer the peanut I lol my natural for good with a knife and keep it in the 'frige I prefer an all looking peanut butter such as Smucker' s made right here in Ohio I prefer Jif Creamy We prefer the Gor Chunky For chunky it's better the complete peanut instead Both my husband and I butter chunky peanut butter, but our children ages 22 and peanuy prefer creamy.

The closest thing I get in my house is creamy peanut butter. I have eaten only chunky for about the past 25 years, then, this summer, my niece and I went to the beach together and since she prefers smooth, I tried it again and really did enjoy it for a change!

Chunky style just seems to taste I prefer natural peanuts and dash of salt, only. Jif is by far the best! I only eat Skippy. Our whole family prefer Arrowhead Mills Organic peanut butter, try it, you may never want regular peanut butter again!!!

The ones that have no additives do not always spread easy but they are the best for ya chunky can choke children. My husband and son are allergic to nuts including peanutsbut for some strange reason they can eat creamy peanut butter.

Chocolate peanut butter mini cakes - what's cookin, chicago

I love nuts! The chunky kind gets caught in between my teeth.

I like the texture better I say creamy all the way, nuts are for squirrels It depends on what I use it for, but I LOVE chuncky peanut butter on my ice cream. I love them both too much love Jif I just love the way it sounds when you chew!

Peanut butter balls

Jif's the best! I like chunky too but others in my home don't so I just buy creamy.

I love the wholesome creamy PB and not the chunky that would get stuck in between my teeth. Ingredients: Peanuts and salt.