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Male escort jobs newcastle under lyme

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Open your eyes and just look at whats you around you, stop these big companies building big warehouse call centres, and save your heritage Simon stoke-on-trent stokie brn n bred kwl, big up dannie, im kidsgrove brn n bred in stoke n i like it is the way it is dale kidsgrove stoke on trent stoke on trent is boring their is not much nightlife for the younger ones of the community but on the other hand i would never leave stoke on trent because it is the people that count and not the scenery. Give me Stoke any day.

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The decline of a whole town is not one persons problem but that of all of us - we need to work together for a more prosperous future and stop denying our children the chances they so rightly deserve because we can't find the inspiration to jos something a little different to what we're used to. I have attended staffordshire Uni in stoke since september.

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Do us all a favour, crawl away under a rock somewhere and DIE!!! Following the collapse of the coal, steel, and ceramics industries all that stoke seems to offer is jkbs centres and call centres. Tim Bristol stoke isnt a Dump! The Country Life Mag was spot-on, it will take serious investment and an efficient regional council to improve the home that i love.

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People, you are living out an insane, pointless, and pitiful existence. That why pepole hate stoke on trent. Ellen, no wonder people from Stoke are thought of as not too bright and worldly. You social parasites. Ian Eccleston Where does the blame lie? Its repuatation is formed in stoke stoke and Shelton where there is alot of racism and crime rates are high but the majoiry of stoke is the best place to live ever!

On a more positive note there are plenty of nice talented youngsters out there who will do well, and would stay in the area; but will be driven out of Stoke esscort things dont improve and the destructive element are allowed to thrive Ill encourage my kids to leave the area if things get worse. I returned to Stoke to study and was appaled with what i saw - a small city struggling to come to terms with its lost identity. But, the problem with many places in Britain and Stoke is no exception is that people so rarely these days take the time to look out for one another and are so easily distracted by the problems they face themselves.

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Where is all the cheap property? Stoke has good transport links, a rich heritage and some classic architecture.

There are worst places thought. I too have noticed a difference in the Potteries, but it is worse in other towns.

Im not too old myself but sometimes think that the lack of care some kids have no wonder they grow up and behave as they do-some feral. The general attitude of the local people is on face value one of a friendly carefree nature, yet deep down inside feel severly let-down by both this labour government and the tory.

The one bad thing with Stoke is the govt are to busy letting immigrates in than tidying the place up and this place is not unddr enough for all of us. Kev Truman Hanley, Stoke dscort Trent To many traffic lights and road Sings and old buildings I live in stoke on Trent there are to many traffic lights and road Sings around stoke on trent.

With all the regeneration investment that is now pouring into the area it won't be long before Stoke is back on its feet again. Im lucky although I now consider this place home and am happy here. Don't you know where you live.

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Here's the smallest of starts - when you see that well worn, hang dog expression of the every day Potter as they trudge through the City pondering the future of our potential filled town, give them a smile and be on you! The nale and coming cosmopoliton city???? We can do it if we work together. The buildings need to be updated or to be pull down? Give me Stoke any day.

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There are good and bad points to every grid reference on the planet. I've also lived in lots of other places around the world and I'd have to say that Stoke is a long way short of being the worst place I've lived. Stoke on Trent is a dump. Maybe it could be turned around. I'ts all to easy to blame other people, we need to take pride in our selves, our property, and our surroundings.

All the ingredients are here to make a great regional city.

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We have some beautiful scenery, but at the same time. Tell me then that the rolling hills and sound of lambs bleating in the summer is grotty.

Patsy Plymouth stoke rules i have ylme all around the world from amsterdam to china to new zeland brazil and argentina to italy spain france and germany and egypt but i can honestly say nothing beats a stokie whhhooow matt Stoke Having left the town some 34 years ago it was rscort hole then, even the germans did not bomb it during the war as the smog covered it and it probably looked like it had already been done.

Staffordshire I was born and necastle in Stoke-on-Trent, and lived and worked in the Far-east for 11 years. If Country Life think we live in a grotty county then they wanna go fishing in some of the locations i have over the past couple of years. I love where i live, and if some snotty mag wants to take a dig.

Thankfully i will be moving out of stoke-on-trent very soon and going down south. Sarah Tunstall Is Stoke a dump?

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They seem to resent anyone doing well or better than them. True, Stoke has had its fair share of economic problems since it's once thriving industrial heritage took unddr bit of a tumble. To, the critics of Stoke-on-Trent: how many of you who have helped to make our city untidy by dropping litter?

What is that all about!!! I am on a six month contract in Leek at the moment and I drive through Stoke on Trent twice a week.

It has lovely areas and down right ugly areas, but you know that everyone newcastlle Stoke are friendly and kind, I have been to many places around the UK and people are rude - not in Stoke Tee Hee!