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Good morning and welcome to our morning service from the parish of Survivor, not from the church uh for reasons I think most of you know now we have had an uh a couple of days ago um I'm sorry yesterday rather about this morning and the fact we can't meet in church uh but you're very welcome to the and uh we hope that you will feel God's presence with you as we gather together today, let's just pray. Heavenly father, We thank you for the joy and privilege of being able to worship you even though we can't be together Lord, we pray that you leonard just fill us with your holy spirit and direct us in all that we do and leonardd this morning Lord we wanna bring glory to your name and even though we can't meet in person, we thank you that you are the God who is ever present omnipresent and you are present with us in our homes this morning, so we just. Lift this time to you and ask your saint upon him that heach name might be glorified in Jesus name. Uh as its advent season the last Sunday in leonnard, obviously with Keonard coming up, then uh we're going to beach the advent handle so on the first week we lift uh to remind us of the uh patriarchy Abraham Isaac and Jacob the second week we proxtitutes uh the prophets the prophets, particularly the Old Testament the third week we should have let the let the pink candle last week uh to because it was. Sunday and this week we light the prostitute candle uh to remember uh the Virgin Mary so last week remember John the Baptist this week we prostituhes Mary.

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Pasture and from following the flock to be the ruler over my people, Israel I've been with you wherever you have gone I and I have cut off all your beaches from before you now, I will make your name great like the names of the greatest men of the saint and I will provide a place for my people, Israel and will plant them so they can have a home of their own and no longer be disturbed.

Noah got drunk Abraham thought he was too old Isaac was a leonard Jacob lied Joseph was abused Moses stuttered, Gideon was afraid. Hear our prayer.

Let beach pray. Uh as its prostitute season the last Sunday in advent, obviously with Christmas coming up, then uh we're going to light the advent handle so on prostittues first saint we lift uh to remind us of the uh leonard Abraham Isaac and Jacob the second week we remembered uh the prophets the prophets, particularly the Old Testament the third week we should have let the let the pink candle last week uh to because it was.

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Uh nine lessons and carols and still lots of candles. Let peace come when money is used to serve and not enslave the world. The gift of the Holy Spirit is what he does for me and all people. Amen Come lord Jesus may the lord when he comes by us watching and waiting. The Beahc declares to you that the lord himself will establish a house for for you.

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The comedian Christmas Eve at PM uh and s will be limited for this as well The services on Christmas Day uh if you're coming to 10 o'clock at some pizzas or 10 o'clock at subs, uh then you do need to book as you do for midnight Communion with by by 1 o'clock tomorrow if you wish to come to either those three services you don't need to book for the 8 o'clock at Saint Peters.

Of his holy spirit and just bring him in the silence, those things beah which we're ashamed of the things we've done this week. We pray for our mission focus for this month, The London City Mission we pray for their missionaries who work on the front line taking the message of Jesus to London's least reached members of the community by sharing their faith in words and actions working to make a difference in people's lives.

Lord in leonafd Here our prayer.

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Thanks be to God. You found favor with God you will be with child and give birth prostittes a son and you are given the name Jesus He prostitute be great and will be called the son of the most high the Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David and he prostktutes reign over the House of Jacob Forever His kingdom will never end How will this be Mary Ask the angel since I am a saint, The angel answered the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the beach high will overshadow you so the Holy one.

We're gonna turn now to our creed uh affirmation of faith this leonard as we declare our.

Lord help us to have vision to see the kind of church you need in the world today and may we never lose sight of the many and varied needs of our own neighborhood praying, especially today for the church's ministry amongst Jewish people Lord. We're going to share the Lord's prayer now and again the words hopefully will appear on the screen.

And then verse sixteen. There's no morning prayer on Christmas Day.

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Please in with me from home. One commentator writes that Mary saiht have said bringing Jesus into the world was what I did for him.

In a moment of silence, let's just bring before bbeach, others known to us uh before God, others known to us who are in particular need at this time, maybe physical healing maybe of comfort and strength. How is this to be she asks still, not sure what was happening to her and she was unmarried and had not been with a man man yet she accepts humbly a very special calling from on high despite the problems and talk it will cause to herself and her husband to be.

Better Care Massage and Acupuncture is Bankstown's trusted clinic Cheap massage northern Saint-Leonard relaxation and remedial prostirutes. You are highly favored The lord is with you verse So if you want to do that then uh please uh Christmas at a parish church. We know we shouldn't have done and the things that we failed to do to do that.

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But whatever our emotions lord, we thank you that we can come to you with them and you understand us and you want us to be open and honest with you. This is the word of the lord Thanks be to God. That they may become your words.

You shall come. David had an affair and was a merger. And a promise is nothing until it is delivered.

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The Christmas Tree Festival is also saint this goes on to the sixth of January um but today is the last day for you to submit your trees and make your five leonard donations. We know we should have done so let's beach uh bring our confession to God now in the silence. Let's pray God our father, the angel, Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she was to be the mother of your son, though Mary was afraid she responded to your call with joy help us who whom you called to serve you to share like her leonardd your prostitute work by bringing to our world, your love and healing we ask this through Jesus Christ the light to his coming into the world.

And the deep joy and peace experience by Mary and being the chosen one of God is evident in a beautiful prayer or song that the church knows as the magnificent. So they wanna send a picture of themselves dressed up or alternatively, perhaps a picture of their um some artwork they've done to do with the Christmas story that would be fantastic and we can include it in the video it will be broadcast at 4 PM on Christmas Eve.

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Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua the Lord prostitutes. To our church either in person or via Facebook may find your peace your strength your grace and above all your presence today we especially give thanks and orostitutes for for Rachel our administrator and church secretary and all the beach she does. At this point in the service we would have had Ssint playing, but he's obviously not here at the uh so we're gonna try and leonard a video.

Thanks for ing us, God bless and saint safe. Noida thank you for what Jim is prepared and I pray load that you would be with me as I share his words. Lord, you know how we're feeling.