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To view the Fall Academic Calendar, go to www. Emphasis on oral expression and listening comprehension. Instruction in class and in lab. Prerequisite: Never studied or experienced French before. Emphasis on oral communication skills. May not be taken for credit by students with French 11 or

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Program: french for k education ba - andrews university - acalog acms™

May not be taken by FREN students. French bilingualism, language planning and the place of French in the world.

May not be taken for credit by students with French Analyses on short corpora will provide students a hands-on experience and will lead to discussions about relevant methodologies. Topics will vary according to the faculty and student interests.

French - spring calendar - simon fraser university

Topics will vary to include different disciplines: history, cultural studies, gender studies or the study of the relationships between literature and other arts. Topics will vary.

This is not a history course. The approach chosen by the course instructor may be thematic, by genre, author, region, or focus on a specific theoretical perspective. Instruction in class and online. FREN - Honours Essay 3 Candidates for honours will be required to eeeking a major paper on a topic of a comprehensive nature in literature or linguistics to be approved by the course chair.

FREN - Topics in the Structure of French I 3 Explores a selection of classic freh of the structure of French phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology or semantics applying a variety of theoretical viewpoints, from a diachronic or synchronic perspective. The topics studied in class include: social and language variation, new technologies and language evolution, language and identity, and language ideology.

Program: french for international trade ba - andrews university - acalog acms™

Drill exercises, intensive practice, as well as the rehearsal of drama skits and short French plays will allow students to speak French individually and in groups. May be organized by author, period, movement, theme or approach. Deed to improve speaking and writing abilities by introducing more complex structures zeeking vocabulary.

FREN - Monographic Studies 3 An in-depth study of one writer from a specific theoretical perspective psychological, historical, linguistic. Topics such as how did language begin? To view the Fall Academic Calendar, go to www.

French courses

May be taken concurrently with FREN and Where is French from, and how did it change over the years? May not be taken by students from French immersion, sweking cadre or IB students. The course may be developed around one or a combination of areas such as Computer-mediated-communication, language pathology, language socialization, translation, error analysis, language in contexts, language planning.

The course will be taught in French.

FREN - Types of Discourse 3 A study of the language in use, discourse strategies, the enunciation devices of various types of texts, both traditional and non-traditional genres such as oral or para-literary texts. Breadth-Social Sciences.

Department of modern languages & classics

frenn The study, from an integrative point of view, of social markers in speech, conversational rules, objective versus subjective norms, attitudes towards language variation and their implications among French speakers. FREN - Francophone World 3 A multidisciplinary analysis of socio-cultural aspects of French speaking countries, involving written work and oral participation.

May concentrate on one area, e.

Instruction in class and in lab. Through practical rren and a variety of simple translation techniques students will expand their vocabulary and become more familiar aeeking the nuances of French. FREN - Acquisition of French as a Second Language 3 Examines cognitive, linguistic and social processes involved in the acquisition of a second language, with a focus on the acquisition of French, especially as an official language and in a minority language context. Through the precise use of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, students will improve their writing skills.

Students with credit for FREN, or may not complete this course if topic is the same.

Saint mary's university | french undergraduate requirements

May be organized by period, movement, theme or approach. Prerequisite: FREN Emphasis on oral communication skills. Students with native or near-native proficiency are not allowed to take this course and must contact the instructor for evaluation or exemption prior to enrolment. How does French vary from place to place, from context to context? This course does not count towards the degree requirements for an extended minor, major or honours in French.

French for education minor

FREN - Discourse Analysis of French 3 This course aims at providing analytical tools for studying different genres of discourse in French such as billboard advertising, political speeches, literary texts, scientific papers, and pamphlets. The course will be conducted in French. May be taken only by field school seking.

Attention will be given to methods of analysis. In the latter case, FREN and may be taken concurrently.

Students with credit for FRENor must seek permission of the Department to take this course for further credit. May not be taken concurrently with LING May only be taken during the last terms of study; required as a preparation for the honours essay but may be taken by other students with consent of 4200 instructor.

Prerequisite: Never studied or experienced French before. FREN - French Linguistics Today 3 Introduces to some fundamental questions about human behavior that can be answered by the study of the language forms, structure, and use. A series of progressive exercises combined with stylistics theory will give students the necessary seekng to approach any text with confidence.

Seekjng be organized by author, theme or approach. Contact the departmental advisor for details. Prerequisite: Grade 12 French immersion or equivalent based on placement test. Students with credit for FREN may not take this course for further credit.