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Seeking a penpal from another state

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Seeking a penpal from another state

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Pen Pal Programs The following is a list of links which will help individuals or classrooms find pen pals.

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Friends4U A German-based organization which helps facilitate e-mail and pen pal relationships in over 20 countries.

Link A Family helps establish pen-pal relationships between families in Irkutsk and the Angarsk region of Siberia and families in Eugene, Oregon. Use the Pen Pal registration form to register, and it will be distributed to friendship clubs in Uzbekistan. Arranges pen pals for adults as well as children with correspondence in English, French, German, or Russian.

Exchanges will be posted on the TCFN to share the student's experiences with the general public. Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections IECC is a mailing list for teachers seeking partner classrooms for international and cross-cultural electronic mail exchanges.

The Tri-Cities Free-net of Washington state is sponsoring a classroom-to-classroom e-mail exchange between public and private schools, grades K in the Tri-Cities area with schools around the world. World Learning Exchange Programs for high school students. Seeing Pal Programs The following is a list of links which will help individuals or classrooms find pen pals.

Programs range from traditional academic exchanges during the school year to three to five week programs in any of five continents. Pen Pal Planet seeks students age 12 to 13 who study English to participate in a pen pal program with Sefking students.

Keypals International has e-mail addresses for schools around the world interested in Pen Pal exchanges. Some groups specialize in exchanges between the US and Russia, Ukraine, or other former Soviet countries while some of the organizations will arrange exchanges among people of any nationality.

It has the address for one school in St. Petersburg Russia, and dozens in Estonia. Sycrawler Penpal Search Site allows you to search for a penpal match by interest, gender, and age or add yourself to the database and let people from around the world find you. E-pal : This web site seeks to help people find "e-pals" all over the world.