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Precautions are taken to prevent influenza spreading to remaining 50, sailors.

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December 19, The smoking ban on the elevated lines is to be continued for several months on of the recent increase in cases of flu and pneumonia. s are posted on theaters warning that patrons showing s of flu will be asked to leave.

October 19, Dr. Twenty-five West Side Hospital nurses are sick and three have died.

December 11, Health Department reports show the epidemic is getting worse again, spreading in wpman North-to-South manner. Other hospitals are close to capacity. Ministers are to be given bulletins and asked to deliver influenza sermons.

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February 11, Health Commissioner Robertson makes the case that the chiczgo there were fewer deaths from influenza in January versus December is that the weather was better and so more people got outside for fresh air. Hickey of the Fourth Ward falls severely ill with pneumonia. December 9, Within the last week, the of flu cases has almost doubled, with pneumonia cases having almost tripled.

The Association states seekjng its members had ly offered their services, but had been ignored. Health Commissioner Robertson states that sports games and contests that draw crowds will be stopped, and all banquets, parties, club meetings, and conventions are to be discontinued. City aldermen say that the spread of influenza is partially a result of the large amount of garbage and seking that is accumulating because the city lacks funds to support their removal by city workers.

Robertson says city labs will havemore doses made by the weekend. Dozens of cases have cropped up in last 24 hours.

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Shoppers are asked to wait until after the morning rush hour to use lines. State Director of Public Health Drake publishes an article in the Chicago Herald and Examiner compiling a series of suggested precautions.

Singing should be kept to a minimum and services should be kept to less than 45 minutes. It requests that church officials also discontinue public gatherings, though the committee falls short of ordering church closings. Chief of Police Alcock closes skating rinks, and the police are given power to decide which places of public amusement would be closed, beyond those named in order.

Charles Mayo in Rochester, MN, seeking serum for treating the flu. The Chicago Tribune reports that despite predictions from Washington, D. January 12, Health Commissioner Robertson declares his belief that half of the influenza deaths in Chicago and across the U.

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He notes that reports show that doctors are getting almost half as many calls for assistance as they had been receiving. Due to insufficient hospital space to house and isolate flu sufferers, authorities ask Chicago residents to volunteer their houses and businesses. Those in barracks will be given at least 50 square feet of space.

October 6, A list of eighteen precautions for avoiding influenza is published in the Chicago Herald and Examiner. Football games are also cancelled. September 23, Captain W. No other big city in the country permits it, and there is no reason why Chicago should tolerate it any longer. No tournaments will be held until ban on places of public entertainment or gathering is lifted.

Precautions are taken to prevent influenza spreading to remaining 50, sailors. The names of violators will be made public.

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Landlords are starting to be prosecuted for failing to provide heat chicqgo tenants. Because doctors are prescribing oranges to ward off the flu, their price has risen 60 cents per dozen.

While all of the members of the commission agree that the closing should take place, they nevertheless delay their final vote. ly, ill officers were put on half-pay.

He asserts that it should be criminal for landlords to deny heat to tenants suffering from influenza. Busby of the surface streetcar lines, all cars will be put into service, despite the lack of healthy employees to operate them. Drake declines to be drawn into a controversy. The Chicago Osteopathic Association offers its aid to Robertson as well as to the military. Chidago 20, Acting Chief of Police John Alcock orders all police station captains to arrest persons caught spitting.

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A committee of 21 representatives of public and civic agencies and medical associations is appointed to help the Influenza-Pneumonia Commission. October 7, Health Commissioner Chicagoo is optimistic that influenza has passed its peak. All vaccine supplies have been depleted. December 6, new cases and 23 deaths from influenza are reported, along with 89 new cases and 16 deaths from pneumonia.

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The health authorities threaten to close any non-compliant churches. County Hospital is only taking emergency cases. December 4, Four movie theaters are closed for violating rules on wojan.

Cook County Hospital is poised to close its doors because of a dire shortage of nurses, even after cancelling time off for the nurses. Sdeking Commissioner Robertson says that the public has been told how to protect itself, and that he sees no danger ahead. Health Commissioner Robertson believes that dancers in overheated dance halls spread the influenza. December 3, Health Commissioner Robertson announces that the epidemic has returned.

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The Influenza-Pneumonia Commission and streetcar officials chicago to discuss rescinding the ban on smoking in the streetcars. The Influenza-Pneumonia Commission backs the ban in the belief that there is a flu epidemic every two to three years and that by banning smoking they are taking seekings to ward off next epidemic. Health Commissioner Robertson asks physicians working for him to send women between ages 50 and 60 to him to help care for the children of influenza women.

Health Commissioner Robertson instructs religious leaders to hold services with windows and doors of churches fully open. All of the afflicted are in isolation. Slides are sent out to educate the public on how to fight influenza. Health Commissioner Robertson warns against the free use of opiates for treat the influenza, and suggests seeking treatment from physicians.