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Our daily life, economic vitality, and National security depend on cyberspace.

Additionally this year, Iran conducted multiple denial of service attacks on major U. SinceICE and its partners have seized over 2, domain names associated with businesses selling counterfeit goods over the internet. Without objection, so ordered.

We are pleased to have two panels of distinguished witnesses. This is not science fiction. DHS is responsible for securing unclassified, Federal civilian agency networks and for working with owners and operators of critical infrastructure to help them secure their networks.

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Imagine months without power. While each agency operates within the parameters of its authorities, our overall Federal response to cyber incidents of consequence is coordinated among the three of us. DHS Responsibilities The President's actions mark an important milestone in the Department's on-going efforts to coordinate the National response to ificant cyber incidents while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our work to strengthen the security and resilience of critical infrastructure.

It is reality.

Current news

DHS supports Centers of Academic Excellence around the country to cultivate a growing of professionals with expertise in various disciplines, including cybersecurity. DHS supports our partners in many ways. They include rigorous protections for individual privacy and civil liberties.

sreking Trade Secrets last month. The threat is real and this time we see it coming. In addition, the National Computer Forensic Institute has trained more than 1, State and local law enforcement officers since to conduct network intrusion and electronic crimes investigations and forensic functions.

Countries steal our military and intelligence information. A vast array of interdependent IT networks, systems, services, and resources are critical to communication, travel, powering our homes, running our economy, and obtaining Government services. Cyber Command and U.

Last year, DHS identified a campaign of cyber intrusions targeting natural gas and pipeline companies that was highly targeted, tightly focused and well crafted. To protect Federal bfnnies agency networks, our National Protection and Programs Directorate NPPD is deploying technology to detect and block intrusions through the National Cybersecurity Protection System and its EINSTEIN protective capabilities, while providing guidance on what agencies mississkppi to do to protect themselves and measuring implementation of those efforts.

- dhs cybersecurity: roles and responsibilities to protect the nation's critical infrastructure

To protect Federal networks, Naa deploys technology to detect and block cyber intrusions, develop continuous diagnostics and mitigation for agency systems and provide guidance to agencies so that they can protect themselves. I appreciate this committee's guidance and support as together we work to keep our Nation safe.

But now it is time to act. Additionally, it will afford the committee, which has conducted extensive oversight and developed expertise in matters of cybersecurity, an opportunity to debate and inform the bill.

I now recognize myself seekimg an opening statement. Gary W. Chairman, I know you share my desire to authorize DHS's cybersecurity programs and bolster our Nation's ability to ward off attacks to critical infrastructure. There is also a role for State, local, Tribal, and territorial governments who own a ificant portion of the Nation's critical infrastructure.

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Congress should enact legislation to incorporate privacy, confidentiality, and civil liberties safeguards into all aspects of cybersecurity; strengthen our critical infrastructure's cybersecurity by further increasing information sharing and promoting the establishment and adoption of standards for critical infrastructure; give law enforcement additional tools to fight crime in the digital age; and create a National Data Breach Reporting requirement.

Nssa hearing is an opportunity to focus on the cyber threats facing our homeland and bebnies together, we can defend against them. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

I thank the Ranking Member and I also share in your commitment to marking up a cyber bill and getting it on the floor, passed by the House, Senate, and ed into law by the President. In the wake of that tragedy, the walls preventing agencies from sharing threat information became apparent. DHS enhances situational awareness among stakeholders, including those at the State and local level, as well as industrial control system owners and operators, by providing critical cyber threat, vulnerability, and mitigation data, including through Information Sharing and Analysis Centers, which are cybersecurity resources for critical infrastructure sectors.

- cyber side-effects: how secure is the personal information entered into the flawed

The Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program established a systematic approach to cyber threat information sharing and collaboration between critical infrastructure owners and operators across the various sectors. Twinchek, Chief Clerk I. I am also looking forward to hearing from representatives of critical infrastructure sectors that are ing us today about the importance of fostering a close working relationship between industry and the Federal Government.

According to recent estimates, this global network of networks encompasses more miesissippi 2 billion people with at least 12 billion computers and devices, including global positioning systems, bfnnies phones, satellites, data routers, ordinary desktop missiissippi, and industrial control computers that run power plants, water systems, and more.

Most troubling is that these hackers targeted a company that provides remote access to more than 60 percent of North America's oil and gas pipelines.

That is why we firmly believe that the committee should defend, pursue, and exercise jurisdiction in this area. Several hundred seekiny and judges as well as representatives from the private sector have also received training on the impact of network intrusion incident response, electronic crimes investigations, and computer forensics examinations.

Chairman, for holding this very timely ro today. Through the Executive Order, the President also directed agencies to incorporate privacy, confidentiality, and civil liberties protections. In addition to strengthening each agency's cyber investigative capabilities, this partnership will produce benefits with respect to the procurement of computer forensic hardware, software licensing, and training that each agency requires.

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For us to thwart attacks, we must build upon the Executive branch's efforts and work with all stakeholders to find the consensus necessary to protect this country. We partnered closely with the Departments of Justice and Defense to ensure, as the Chairman said, that a call to one is a call to all, mobilizing all of the resources of the Federal Government in partnership to prevent and respond, when necessary, rapidly to cyber incidents.

Over the past 4 years, the NCCIC has responded to nearly half-a-million incidents and released more than 26, actionable cybersecurity alerts to public and private-sector partners. McCaul [Chairman of the committee] presiding. Government has worked closely with the private sector during the recent series of denial-of-service incidents.

Hearings like the one today will help guide the legislative process.

Each play a crucial role defending our homeland against cyber threats and none can do it alone. I appreciate what the Chairman has said about his desire to focus on cybersecurity this Congress, but, as we saw in the th Congress, simply wanting to pass cybersecurity legislation is not sufficient. Thank you, bsa advance, for your attention to this request.

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Each week brings new reports of cyber breaches. America is the victim of cyber espionage. We know that foreign nations are conducting reconnaissance on our utilities--they are penetrating our gas and water bennise and also our energy grids--and if the ability to send a silent attack through our digital networks falls into our enemies' hands, this country could be the victim of a devastating attack.