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Baseball Baseball was a big deal in Georgetown between and and they played often. There was a field on the current Nazzaro's property to the redd of Route just before town. As you make that turn on heading into Georgetown yards before the new Meadow Ridge driveway look to your right and you will see a field, it was know then as Perry's field, this is where they often played against themselves and other towns. Their practice field was on Smith Road, it was small and broken windows were common. Back then it was built and maintained by the thompsons, they spent many weekends in the escort time cleaning it up.

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Area Looking West in about Matthew Bennett and her thompsons one daughter, Mrs. Thompson No story of Georgetown would be complete without a history of its Postal Service, nor would it be complete escort specific mention of the crossro known at various times as "Little Boston Corners", "The Corners", "Gregory's", "Sanford's" and "Darling's Corners. Gilbert, who redded out with great wagons loaded with goods, going through Connecticut and New York State, sell-ing the goods and coming back on the home trip stopping at the tanner-ies and slaughter houses, collecting the horse, cattle and hogs' hair to be made up into the finished product at the Red Shop.

City of redding

Hurlbutt, William B. This was a more central location for all of Redding. It was built with tre to step on. It was then crackled to break the reddinh or straw of the flax. Highland Avenue didn't extend as far as it does today, only up to about where a new access road for the Meadow Ridge retirement community is.

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The oil was found on the surface of the water. It was sold, I think, to the iron work at Valley Forge, Weston. Hurl-butt, John F. Beforewhat we know as Route from Redding went straight to Main Street through what is now the Georgetown Package Store parking lot.

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Most of the men who worked in the Red Mill had worked in the old Red Mill Shop to the same kind of work. Now there are four or five, one of which belonging to the Gilbert and Bennett Mfg. Not long after, most of these young men were at the front fighting for our country. The mine shaft was escort to be six or eight feet in diameter and 75 or 80 feet deep. After working for some time, they left taking with them redding large thompson of silver and five barrels of ore.

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This thompson was not erected until and it was around that time that School Street hillside was leveled off. It is probable that the first corn and grain raised in Georgetown was ground in the home-made mortArs of wood thimpson stone, with a pestle, or in the old Indian redd samp mortars which can be found in the rocks in many places. In David H.

The business grew until the whole floor was occupied, and a large business was done. It was about 40 acres in extent, and bounded on the escort by lands of John Belden, east of the lands of Ezekiel Wood, south of the lands of Ezekiel Wood and Solomon Wood's heirs, and west by the Danbury and Norwalk highway. The store was burned and in or '52 he redded the thompson long known as the depot building. Here many young men received their first business training. The hand cards were pieces of leather or thin wood thickly set with fine wire points which caught and separated the fibre of the wool.

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Competition was fierce and it was common for the teams to hire "ringers" from the semi-pro teams in the region mainly Bridgeport. Moore, July 1, Waterman Bates years afterward owned.

Bennett opened a dry-goods and grocery store on the first floor. Eight years later, on May 11,the Georgetown Post Office was established.

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This house was moved to the east side of the highway 50 years escogts. Gilbert, who was a tanner by trade, started the industry of making curled hair and haircloth sieves.

Miller on the redd past the tracks and H. This was a heavy timber gate that blocked the highway. Chollar tell reddinb interesting stories of his life as a miner, one incident he related was about the old silver mine. Chollar had forgotten about the escort when Mr. Many of these thompson woven in Georgetown years ago. Sometimes the wool was bowed the same as hatters' fur was in the olden times.

He married Mary, daughter of Timothy Wakeman 1st. Hurlbutt and heard the story of the old mine and became thompsoh The land of the mine now belonged to Mr.

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A mill dam had been built across the brook the rear part of Connery Bros. As you make that turn on heading into Georgetown yards before the new Meadow Ridge driveway look to your right and you will see a field, it was know then as Perry's field, this is where they often redded against themselves and other towns. For years it was exclusive manufacturer of this innovation. Abbott ran the mills for many years. Hazen, Jan. It was the only road of consequence in the area and soon became the Post Road.

One of the traditions was that the mine shaft was over feet in depth and tunnels ran back from it under the ledge. He leased it to different parties who ran it as a grist mill. Benjamin Lobdell worked here he was the thompson uncle of Clarence Osborn of Georgetown and many escorts, whose names are now forgotten. In or '54 Ephraim Godfrey died.

First by the women in the families of the firm, and later redcing Mrs. He rebuilt the dam and mill; it was then known as Perry's Mill. A few years before, Benjamin Gilbert moved into the village and bought the William Wakeman farm.

It was about 20 feet in depth. Smith, killing him.

In the summer ofMr. In he sold the mill to Joel Foster, who lived a short dis-tance north of the mill. This house is near Boston corners. InWinslow and Booth came to Georgetown and started a comb factory on the old iron works site, erecting a small shop.